League of Legends Reduces Catch-up XP and Changes Jungle Tracking

League of Legends Sejuani
(Photo: Riot Games)

The way that junglers accumulate XP in League of Legends has been changed in Patch 7.22 with different camps granting changed XP amounts and catch-up XP being more difficult to earn.

All of the changes that are included in Patch 7.22 were previewed before when a post on the League boards detailed how the jungle would likely be affected in the preseason, a time that's known for drastic jungle adjustments. While some changes have been controversial in the past, these differences in the update look to be mostly beneficial for skilled junglers, perhaps with the exception of the way that CS score is tracked.

Below are all of the changes to the jungle that are included in the latest League of Legends patch:

  • COMEBACK EXPERIENCE: 30 XP per level behind on any monster ⇒50 XP per level behind only on Large or Epic Monsters
  • [REMOVED]First clear experience reduction no longer applies to Wolf camp or small Razorbeaks
  • DING: You'll now be able to reach level 2 by starting at the Wolf camp
  • RED BRAMBLEBACK: 200 experience ⇒180 experience
  • BLUE SENTINEL: 200 experience ⇒180 experience
  • TRACKING: All camps are now worth 4 monsters (e.g. Gromp = 4 monsters, Little Razorbeaks are 0.4 monsters)

An explanation for the changes was provided alongside the patch notes with the reasoning being that catch-up XP was making it too easy for junglers to make a comeback when they’d already been put behind. Having catch-up XP only earnable through the larger monsters balances the uneven sides of the jungle and also makes counter-jungling more important to make sure that your opponent stays behind once you put them in a losing position.

The CS-tracking change is one of the only issues that some junglers took with the patch since it evens out every camp to offer four CS once cleared. It makes it easier to determine gold advantages, but some expressed that it would make it more difficult to keep track of the enemy jungler’s route. However, the number of junglers who don’t track their enemy through CS score likely greatly outnumbers those who do, so the change won’t be affecting the majority of junglers.