Real-Life Pokemon Centers Are Coming to the US

GameStop and ThinkGeek are preparing to launch an in-store wonderland for Pokemon lovers of all ages!

This morning GameStop announced that, beginning on November 19th, "Pokemon Centers" will be popping up in GameStop and ThinkGeek locations around the country, as well as online. These unique areas will cater to the most dedicated Pokemon fans, who will find exclusive goods and collectibles not available anywhere else. Pokemon Centers have already been thriving in Japan, and now Western trainers finally get their own Pocket Monster destinations.

Have you ever played a Pokemon game and wished that you could visit a real-life Pokemon center? The bright countertops, the Poke Balls scattered everywhere, various Pokemon all over, and Pokemon-loving clerks ready to assist you... It's something every fan of the anime and video games has wanted to experience for themselves, and starting this Sunday, that experience is coming to the US -- at least in some small way.

"We are excited to bring fans the highest quality Pokémon collectibles at in-store Pokémon Centers, before any retailer outside Japan,” said Janet Bareis, senior vice president of collectibles for GameStop in a press release. “The center launches just in time for the holidays, giving gift-givers plenty of time to find a special gift for the budding Pokémon trainer on their list."

Whether you're on the hunt for an enormous new plush, a collectible statue, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for your 3DS, or even some new booster packs to add to your Pokemon Trading Card Game collection, the Pokemon Center is going to have everything you need. Keep in mind, though, that this Sunday everyone will be out looking for all of the best pre-Black-Friday deals, so you may get a bit crowded in-store.

That's why we're going to find all of the best online offerings for you, so you can shop from the comfort of you home. As soon as the online Pokemon Center deals go live on GameStop and ThinkGeek's websites, we'll post them all for you here right away, so be sure to check back on the WWG home page Sunday morning and afternoon to cross off some of your holiday shopping.