Guy Builds A Robot To Grind For Loot Boxes In Battlefront II, It Goes About As Well As You Could Expect


It's the classic tale as old as time. Guy buys a game. Guy likes game. Guy builds robot to grind in said game for him for loot boxes. Totally standard stuff, we get it. But that's just what one "innovator" did and it's hilarious for all the wrong (completely right) reasons. Why do things the old fashioned way when you can just build a poorly constructed robot? Who needs that sense of accomplishment anyway? Pshaw. Not this guy.

"Today I built a Progression Droid that pushes buttons while AFK to unskillfully collect credits, while simultaneously building a sense of pride and accomplishment."

All jabbing aside, the robot was built as a joke and it's actually kind of cute if you dim the lights and squint real hard. The robot is absolutely horrible, but it does provide just enough movement so that Lowberg doesn't get booted from a match for inactivity. This allows him to rank up those points to unlock better gear in Star Wars Battlefront II. Anything to avoid paying for those crates with IRL cash.

Keep in mind, this was built entirely as a joke. The creator states that plainly in the video description below. As far as jokes go, it's oddly impressive and honestly has about as much skill as half of the people that play multiplayer games - so it works out.

Star Wars Battlefront II is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.