EBay User Tries to Sell Pokemon-Shaped Cheetos For Big Bucks

An eBay user is hoping his random Cheetos discovery turns into some serious cash.

A new eBay listing is getting some laughs on the Internet, after a user is attempting to sell a Cheetos for a whopping $25,000. The user, who goes by the name "dedpul" claims that the Cheetos looks exactly like the Pokemon Mew and believes that it's an ultra-rare find.

"That's Right!" the description of the cheesy puffy treat reads. "Ultra rare Pokemon Mew as a cheeto [sp]. 1 of a kind!! Hard to find in a card deck, even more rare as a cheeto...Catch it while you can..no Pokeball required."
The listing shows the Cheetos in question along with a picture of Mew underneath. And while the Cheetos doesn't have Mew's long thing tail, we do have to admit we can see the resemblance. Here's a look at the alleged Mew Cheetos below:
mew cheetos 1
(Photo: eBay)
Mew is a Mythical Pokemon that can't be obtained via normal means in main series Pokemon games. While Mew is occasionally distributed by the Pokemon Company, most players who don't have one usually have to beg their friends for a trade. Of course, we don't think ANYONE would pay $25K for a Mew, even a "real" one from the games.
Given that the user's name is "dedpul," we wouldn't be surprised if this listing is just a goofy prank. However, even if it's all in good fun, this is a great way to kick off 2018. And who knows, maybe someone will actually want to catch this sort of Mew-shaped snack for their own Pokemon collection. After all, it is one of a kind!