Microsoft Officially Ends Production of Xbox One Kinect Adapter

Xbox One Kinect Adapter

Microsoft is officially calling it quits when it comes to the production of the Kinect Adapter that allows players to user their Kinect on newer Xbox One variants.

In a statement provided today to Polygon, Microsoft confirmed that they would no longer be producing the Xbox Kinect Adapter while saying that they’re looking ahead towards other gaming devices instead.

“After careful consideration, we decided to stop manufacturing the Xbox Kinect Adapter to focus attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming accessories across Xbox One and Windows 10,” Microsoft told Polygon.

The Kinect hasn’t been as popular recently as when it was first released for the Xbox One, but when the Xbox One S and Xbox One X came out, the Kinect Adapter became essential for players who wanted to keep using the device. It allowed players to connect the Kinect to their new console without issue, but if you don’t yet have the adapter, your only way of getting one will now be through a third party since Microsoft is no longer producing them.

But for those who have been paying attention to the decline of the Kinect, the news that the adapter is no more shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Back in October, it was revealed that Microsoft was no longer producing the Kinect itself. With the Xbox One X on the horizon, players were wondering if they’d receive a free Kinect Adapter like many did with the Xbox One S, but it was confirmed that that promotion had ended and players would be on their own when it came to finding an adapter.

While the games that use the Kinect likely weren’t the driving factor, the Kinect Adapter became quite popular during the release of the Xbox One X. Players who wanted to continue using their voice commands sought out the adapter with the product climbing the ranks of popular Amazon items.

What items Microsoft hopes to focus on instead remain to be seen as we move into the new year, but don’t expect the Kinect to be a part of those endeavors.