Microsoft: We Won’t Ban the Use of Keyboards and Mice With Our Games

Xbox One

For the longest time, there’s been an interesting discussion about allowing the Xbox One console to utilize keyboard and mouse controls. Some players prefer the method, especially die-hard PC players that are diving into the console market for the first time. But there are also those that argue against their use, feeling that it would allow for more precision within games than using just the routine game controller.

While Microsoft hasn’t enabled the support for such devices on the Xbox One and Xbox One X just yet, they are looking into it. And today, Xbox program head Mike Ybarra decided to take to Twitter to address the matter, explaining that, while he sees certain issues with using a keyboard or mouse, the company isn’t likely to place a ban on using them with games. That said, though, he isn’t stopping key publishers from deciding for themselves.

When a fan asked Ybarra about any plans to keep people from using keyboard and mouse adapters to play games on Xbox (a temporary solution until official support is added), Ybarra explained, “Developers have the choice to use APIs that detect and not allow these. It’s up to them, but the capability is there.”

The conversation continued with a few more Twitter users, to which Ybarra added, “Our general approach is to empower the developer to manage their game how they want.”

He also noted that the addition of the control method can be “helpful” in certain scenarios, such as enabling players that can’t normally use a game controller to still take part in game sessions. And there’s always the option of Microsoft implementing certain tools so that players that use mouse and keyboard controls can play separately from those with controllers – although, again, this is likely to come down to a decision by game publishers.

Microsoft hasn’t provided an official date as to when it’ll be adding official keyboard and mouse support to Xbox One, but with E3 just a few months away, you never know – it could be one of the announcements that’s coming up.

For the time being, though, players can certainly see what adapters work with the system, but maybe it’s just best to stick to a controller for the time being. If you can.