Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt RED Wants This to be Their Next Big Franchise, "More Ambitious Than The Witcher"

The developers over at CD Projekt RED know a thing or two about creating blockbuster franchises, just look at the amazing The Witcher series that they adapted from the popular novels into a phenomenal RPG experience. Now the team has a new franchise goal in mind and that's the still-shrouded in mystery Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced back in 2012 but despite immediately igniting fan excitement, the team wanted to avoid the misstep many developers tend to make and show off anything before it was ready. Smart for them, agonizing for us.

Six years after the initial announcement, we still don't have a release date, no full trailer, and no real details other than knowing what it is based on and the small tid-bits left here and there. Still, we know it will be bigger than The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt (which is huge), and now we know that they are planning to turn it into a franchise; not a one and done type title.

CEO Adam Kicinski recently took to the stage during the Pareto Securities Gaming Seminar to talk about plans regarding the upcoming title and where they see it going in the future:


Cyberpunk is our new Witcher 3, but even more ambitious. Our goal is to establish a new blockbuster franchise from the beginning. We work in a new universe, futuristic universe. We believe it’s very appealing to players, not only RPG players but this is a true RPG, like Witcher, like Witcher 3, for mature audiences.”

We're expecting an official reveal at this year's E3, they've already confirmed that they have something planned for the event. It would be the perfect time to share footage, the hype has been successfully built and the game is making solid progress with its development. Keep in mind too that their Twitter for this title came back to live after years of being radio silent: big things are happening! For those excited about what's next, all of that patience is about to pay off. Stay tuned for more Cyberpunk goodness in the months to come!