Dark Souls Visualization Shows Where Players Talk and Die the Most

Messages and deaths are plentiful in Dark Souls, especially the latter, a fact that’s represented perfectly through a visualization of where Dark Souls players either talk to others or die the most.

Twitter user and Dark Souls fan DriftItem shared a tweet several days ago that included a 3D map of the Dark Souls landscape that was lit up like a bonfire in certain areas. The user’s tweet explained that the visualization was made up of approximately 20,000 messages and bloodstains with the data organized in a way that showed where players had the most trouble in Lordran.

DriftItem said that the visualization was created using a custom game client since Dark Souls multiplayer data is passed between clients instead of being saved on a central server.

But even for the Dark Souls players that are well-versed in the game’s mechanics and intricate lore and can navigate the walkways of Lordran with few issues, seeing the game’s layout from this perspective can be a bit confusing. Some players expressed as much and said that they had a hard time making sense of the different locations, so the creator of the map marked up different parts of the maps to label different areas.

After seeing the map labeled like that, the concentrations of bloodstains and messages start to make much more sense. The Hellkite Bridge, the area where players first have to sneak around the Hellkite Dragon that breathes fire down on the bridge every time players attempt to traverse it, is almost completely bright orange with deaths. It’s where most new players will probably think that they can outsmart the dragon or game the system, something that’s entirely possible though not without a few trial and error runs. Everyone always wants to talk a around good old Solaire as well, so seeing his balcony area glowing with blue makes sense as well.

The map also highlights other areas that may not make as much sense to newer Dark Souls players. The Darkroot Garden area that’s called “Darkroot Woods” here on the map is better known by the community as the “PvP Forest.” Those deaths should be a lesson to anyone planning buyingDark Souls Remastered and don’t want to unwillingly become embroiled in a PvP battle.

DriftItem also provided more Dark Souls stats such as the most-used Soapstone messages, "Praise the Sun!" taking the No. 1 spot, as it should. All of these tweets with data and infographics can be seen through DriftItem's Twitter account.



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