This Game Will Absolutely Make You Despise Crowds

A fear of crowds is nothing new. In fact, the phobia is more common than many might realise. So common, in fact, that there is a new game slated to release this year based upon just that. Introducing Humanity.

The bizarrely monotonous yet chaotic motion of people mulling about in frantic passivity can be seen in the trailer above. Stunningly blank tile floors in pristine condition can be seen throughout the gameplay demo with obstructive cubes falling at random to disrupt the player's path. Sometimes the blocks will kill you. Sometimes, other people.

The "crowd action game" is shrouded in mystery, just as the Japanese dev team over at tha ltd like it. There's no real clear objective other than don't panic and don't die. The narrator heard in the video gives a foreboding sense of purpose, providing a nihilistic philosophy to the overall game experience. Humanity looks to be an incredible, albeit unsettling, experience and we're definitely intrigued to know more.

So far, we don't have any release date other than "sometime in 2018," nor do we have which platforms it will be available on. It's a safe bet to assume that it will be on Steam for PC gamers, and we could even see something like this make its way onto the Nintendo Switch. This is the sort of title we could easily see become a part of the hybrid console's library.

For now though, we're stuck with our speculation until we learn more. At this point, all we have is the trailer seen above and a small gallery of in-game screenshots that can be seen on the official site right here.


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