NieR: Automata Has Shipped More Than 2.5 Million Copies


Coming off the back of celebrating its one year anniversary, Square Enix has announced that its JRPG NieR: Automata, has shipped more than 2.5 million units worldwide across retail and digital marketplaces.

It's important to note the announcement uses the word "shipped" and not "sold." 2.5 million units shipped refers to not only the total number of games sold digitally and at retail, but the ones that have been shipped to retailers, and thus may still be sitting there unsold. However, retailers are normally pretty good at getting only as many games as they expect to sell, so the total number of copies sold likely isn't very far off from the 2.5 million figure.

News of the sales milestone came from the Japanese publisher on Twitter via the following tweet:

Notably, the last sales figure we heard from Square Enix was back in September, when it revealed the game had surpassed 2 million shipments. What this means, courtesy of a little math, is that in another six months the game managed to ship an additional 500,000 copies, which is pretty impressive when you factor its age in the market, and its lack of multiplayer functions that enhance its shelf life.

Being that NieR: Automata was my favorite game of last year (and one of my favorite games of all of time), hopefully these sales milestones have been enough to convince Square Enix to fund and create another one.


Given the fact that it green-lit a sequel to the incredibly niche NieR, which is a spin-off to the equally niche Drakengard series, makes me hopeful now that the series has found some palpable mainstream success, Square Enix will not only give director Yoko Taro another crack, but will provide him with an even deeper budget. I don't even care if developer PlatinumGames is behind the next entry, as long as it's happening and Yoko Taro is at the helm, I will be happy.

NieR: Automata is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. In celebration of its one year anniversary, the game can currently be had digitally at a discounted $29.99 USD on both the PlayStation Store and Steam. The former promotion runs until March 20th, while the latter will end tomorrow, on the 14th.