Far Cry 5 Gets New Accolades Trailer

Released a week ago, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 has already struck quite a chord in the video game world, giving millions of players the opportunity to liberate Hope County from the vile grip of a vicious cult known as Eden’s Gate. And while sales numbers have yet to be reported (aside from some impressive opening week sales on Steam), there’s no question people are truly loving the game.

And you need not look any further than Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry 5 trailer, which covers a number of accolades that the game has received with its reviews. Along with that, though, you get bits and pieces of gameplay, including an array of activities that shows just how much you can do within the game.

For instance, at one point, you can see your loyal K9 companion Boomer running around, subduing an enemy one minute and grabbing you an assault rifle the next. There are also some fleeting seconds of ATV riding fun, along with a deadly encounter with a bear and some high-flying shenanigans, where you can take out enemies from above. (And this is just a small taste of what the game truly has to offer.)

It’s a short trailer, but one that sums up what the experience of Far Cry 5 is all about. But if you need more details, we posted a full review here, and quoted some of it below:

“In essence, Far Cry 5 is a lot of fun to play, alone or with a friend; it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic, right down to the proper song selections; and it gives you tons of stuff to do. I’m still discovering activities after several hours in, and trying to catch the biggest fish in Montana. (He’s out there, laughing at me.)

“While the idea of battling a cult may not sound like the best video game idea, Far Cry 5 wraps it into an experience that’s easily the best in the series to date. And that’s including Blood Dragon and its amazing laser dinosaurs. I mean, how do you beat laser dinosaurs? With an on-fire bear named Cheezburger, obviously.


“So should you get it? As John Seed would say, ‘Yes.’”

That should pretty much wrap up how we feel about the game, so check out Far Cry 5 now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.