Epic Games Talks Fortnite Save the World, Battle Royale Mode Integration


Fortnite has become a massive success for Epic Games in just a short amount of time, and the team is looking for ways to expand upon that without changing the core of the game too much.

It’s previously talked about expanding match-ups outside the usual 100 player count, but more needs to be done, they believe -- and this could include integrating two of the game’s most popular modes.

The company recently had a chance to speak with PlayStation Magazine about how it ended up doing away with classes in the game, noting, “If we were to put those classes into Battle Royale, everyone would gravitate towards the one with the smallest hit box.” So that kind of makes sense in terms of leveling up, although some may feel that classes could be added somewhere down the road, depending on what Epic has in mind.

But it’s more than that, as integration could be a key to Fortnite’s continued success. ”We’ve talked about how things could more closely integrate,” the team noted in the interview. “It’s a tough problem to solve, because they’re different paces of game. Battle Royale is a 15-20 minute digestible experience, while Save the world is an RPG with persistent elements. It’s not something that’s easy to map from one to the other. Certainly, we have problems in trying to get there.”

There’s no word as of yet when it plans to kick off this integration, or even if it’ll be this year, as the game is seeing continued success across the board -- particularly in Battle Royale. But there are definitely a few things that it has on the table, and we could be hearing more in just a couple of months’ time during E3 -- where Fortnite is expected to have huge exposure with a celebrity/pro gamer 100-person tournament. And there’s also the possibility of a Switch version being announced, fingers crossed.

Obviously, whatever changes it decides on, it’ll be for the greater good of the player base in general. After all, if something’s really heating up on the game scene, the last thing you want to do is put it out.


Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Hat tip to GamingBolt for the scoop!)