Pokemon Go Will Add Zapdos as a Field Research Reward in May

Pokemon Go is adding new Field Research tasks along with a big new reward for trainers beginning on May 1st.

Earlier today, the popular mobile game announced via Twitter that they were adding new Field Research quests that focused on Electric and Flying-Type Pokemon, along with new tasks that focused on a player's "skill" as a trainer. The reward for completing Field Research tasks on seven different days will be an encounter with the Legendary Pokemon Zapdos, which has been otherwise unavailable in the game for several months.

Pokemon Go added Field Research tasks to the game in late March as a major new feature. Players collect different tasks at PokeStops that range from catching a specific type or species of Pokemon to successfully hitting a number of accurate throws in a row. Once a player completes Field Research tasks on seven different days, they unlock a "Research Breakthrough" that comes with an encounter with a Legendary Pokemon.

In April, Pokemon Go players could encounter Moltres once they unlocked a Research Breakthrough. While the Moltres was of a lower level than the ones encountered after Raids last summer, players could also use Ultra Balls and had a hypothetically unlimited number of chances to capture it instead of just a handful of balls. When players realized that the Research Breakthrough didn't change from week to week, they speculated that the rewards switch monthly...which was seemingly confirmed by Pokmemon Go today.


A subset of Field Research is "Special Research" which pushes players on the path to catch the Mythical Pokemon Mew. To date, Pokemon Go has not added a second Special Research quest, although that would likely be another big "event" and not something snuck into the game.

Pokemon Go is in the process of putting out a new update, so we'll likely have some more news to report on later today. Stay tuned for more Pokemon Go news soon!