Fortnite Adds "Shoot" Dance and Players Lose It

Fortnite just added BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” dance as an emote in the Battle Pass, and players just about can’t take it.

You won’t find the new dance by that name in the list of rewards earnable through the Battle Pass. Instead, you’ll have to look for the emote/dance called “Hype.” Like other Fortnite dances, the name might be different, but it’s instantly recognizable when you see the moves in action.

Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB himself knew his moves right when he saw them as well. The rapper tweeted a side-by-side video of the real-life version of the dance next to its Fortnite counterpart with his song “Look Alive” playing in the background.

BlocBoy JB wasn’t the only one to have his eye on the new emote as Fortnite players took to Twitter to share the news that the Shoot dance is now officially a part of the battle royale game. Between players saying that they might have to take a break from other games until they can unlock the emote and others saying that they’ve got no reason to go outside anymore, people are hyped to have the Shoot dance in Fortnite.


If you didn’t initially notice that this dance was added for the start of Season 4, it might’ve been because you were too swept up in news regarding a different dance. Along with the Shoot dance, players also found that another fan-favorite by the name of Orange Justice had been added. Taking a different name once again, the Fortnite community probably knows this better as the “Orange Shirt Kid” dance. The dance was a submission for the Boogiedown contest that didn’t take first place, but it was added regardless after players called for justice for Orange Shirt Kid and even petitioned to have his dance added. Orange Shirt Kid indeed got his justice, and Fortnite players got the dance and a great form of exercise.

The Shoot dance is only available through the Battle Pass at Tier 63, but those without the Battle Pass can still get Orange Justice at Tier 26 of the free rewards.