Use This Fortnite Calculator to Never Get Caught in the Storm Again

A Fortnite player has created a tool that calculates how long it takes to travel from different points on the map so that you’ll never get caught out in the storm again.

Reddit user Yogsther is the creator responsible for this Fortnite calculator that players can use to map out the loot-gathering paths without the need for guessing how long it’ll take to get from Point A to Point B. You can actually calculate many more stops along your A-to-B journey as well since you can set multiple markers to see how long it’ll take to zigzag from Tilted Towers to Dusty Divot and back up to Loot Lake.


The GIF above shows what the distance calculator looks like in action, but you can always try it for yourself by going to this site. The calculator is simple enough to use with a left click adding a marker and a right click used to delete it. You can set as many points as you’d like to track your route through the map and can clear all of the markers with a click of a button at the bottom of the tool.

Of course, this tool isn’t a foolproof way to never get caught in the storm again – there are enemies, loot, and other obstacles that will inevitably alter itinerary, so you’ll want to account for those. The creator of the tool even said that this isn’t meant to be a get out of jail free card for avoiding the storm, but it’s still useful to be able to calculate how long it’ll take you to get from one area to another so you can account for extra time spent scavenging for supplies.


This tool would best be used calculating distances before getting into a game and mapping out paths since you’ll be actively losing time trying to use it once you’re in a game. To avoid getting blown up by an opponent when you’re just trying to make your way to Tomato Town, it’s also helpful to know that each of the squares on the grid takes about 45 seconds to walk through when you’re running horizontally, though you may have to take into account obstacles like uneven terrain and some stop-and-go movements.

The distance calculator is currently a “very early prototype,” so use it now and check back for more improvements in the future as Yogsther continues to work on the tool.