This Avengers: Infinity War Inspired Fortnite Fan Poster Is Awesomely Assembled


With the news that dropped today about the epic Fortnite/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War crossover event that’s happening, fans of both franchises have been buzzing like crazy -- and imagining what it would be like to take hold of the Infinity Gauntlet. But while you wait for that update to take place, there’s something else that you should get a look at -- a fantastic fan-designed poster that would easily stand with Marvel’s best.

Put together by a Twitter user named Plain.Ben, the poster, which you can see below, features a number of familiar Fortnite characters dolled up to look like Avengers characters. For instance, it’s easy to see an Iron Man lookalike at the very top, as well as what could be a take on Nick Fury in the middle (next to a Fortnite insignia at that), and both a Starlord lookalike and a Gamora-colored soldier near the bottom. There are other skins that are featured on the poster as well -- and it’s very impressive.

Avengers 2

It almost makes us wonder why Epic Games didn’t process an official poster (well, besides the “SNAP” image you see above) for the event -- especially with Marvel on board -- but they should definitely give this a look, because we actually wouldn’t mind putting this on our gaming wall.

The feedback has been pretty good too, with fans responding in kind to Plain.Ben’s work.

Here’s hoping that the poster gets a bit more attention -- and eventually lands Plain.Ben a job in the design department.

Here are some more details on the crossover event, in case you missed it:


“This will be a pretty standard Battle Royale experience, with one huge twist: At some point in the match, the Infinity Gauntlet is going to spawn somewhere on the island. You can expect everyone to make a mad dash for the Gauntlet as soon as it appears, because whoever is lucky enough to take hold of it will transform into Thanos himself. The article states that players will be able to wield ‘all the power that comes with [Thanos],’ and until we see him in action, we're not exactly sure what that will mean.” We’re expecting some insanely good Gauntlet effects -- and maybe a little “SNAP” will make some big changes.

The Thanos-themed Fortnite event kicks off later tonight (May 8) in the game, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.