Rainbow Six Siege Video Shows Off the Beautiful New Villa Map Coming Soon

Season 2 of Year 3 for Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege title is almost upon us, and the team behind the popular online game has just revealed what players will have to look forward to. A new operation, Operation Para Bellum, will be the next big update for the game and will bring with it a new map, new operations, new operators, and tons more. And now, thanks to Ubisoft, we have our first real look at the gorgeous Italian countryside.

The upcoming content drop will bring players to Italy with new Italian operators to defend the 20th map added into the game since it was first released. Ubisoft describes the new location as, "Beautiful, deadly and designed to offer a competitive showdown. The Villa is the new Rainbow Six Siege map coming with Operation Para Bellum." Keep in mind that this is just a taste of what's to come and that a full reveal will be debuting on May 20th!

Just from the small glimpse we've gotten of Villa, it looks stunning. Don't let the simplicity fool you, there are many points of entry and strategic placement offered on this new map, perfect for operators looking to take to the newest challenge. Three stories tall, plentiful rooms ... wine barrels? Yes, please!

As far as operators go, there will be a few key changes that occur. According to the design team, "With the release of Operation Para Bellum, we are adjusting Operator movement speeds. Over the last two years, we have noticed the trade-off between armor and speed is too skewed to higher speed."

  • 3 Speed Operators slightly slower.
  • 1 Speed Operators slightly faster.
  • Small increase to movement speed with handguns out.
    • Automatic sidearms (SMG-11, SMG-12, etc) excluded.

The design update also elaborated more on the 1 and 3 speed changes, stating:


"One of the foundations of the speed vs. armor system is the balancing act between the two. However, we have seen that speed was stronger than armor in almost all situations. To refine that balance, we will bring both ends of the spectrum closer to the middle. The intention of this change to the speeds is to make high armor Operators more viable.

To us, it is also good for the health of the game to slow it down a bit. Slower movement speeds make for a better player experience, and reduce the impact of things such as peeker’s advantage."

It's shaping up beautifully so far and we can't wait to see more! Tune in on May 20th for the full reveal!