PayDay 3 Doesn't Look To Be Coming Out Anytime Soon


The developers at Overkill have become well known for their bank heist Payday games over the years and are currently hard at work on an original game adaptation based on The Walking Dead. However, with that project well in development it doesn’t look like a new PayDay game will be on the horizon any time soon.

WCCFTech recently reported on the latest financial numbers provided by Starbreeze Studios, the publisher that owns Overkill and also works with other teams. In this report, the team reportedly opened up a $44 million fundraising project to cover marketing costs for The Walking Dead and reportedly begin development on a new PayDay game.

However, when you take a look at its outlook for potential games to be “revenue generators” in 2020, only a few titles are listed. They include the forthcoming Walking Dead game as well as the System Shock 2 remake that’s being worked on; Double Fine’s upcoming Psychonauts 2; a mysterious Crossfire project with no name; The Walking Dead; and, oddly enough, another version of PayDay 2. There's no sign of PayDay 3 anywhere on it.

Payday 2

This could just be a misprint and the publisher might be working on getting PayDay 3 out the door sooner rather than later. But for now it looks like the focus is going into getting Walking Dead finished before Overkill moves back into the bank heist business.

PayDay 2 is getting ample support in the meantime however. Overkill has already noted that the current running sequel will be getting support through next year. While that hasn’t been fully detailed, this could likely include new content, maps and more. We’re likely to find out what’s happening with it next month at E3, as Starbreeze will be in attendance at the show.


It’s fair to say that The Walking Dead is getting some major focus from both the developer and publisher, since it’s based on a bigger license and sure to be a big hit for those seeking out a good co-op zombie-killing game. (You know, since we haven’t seen a Left 4 Dead game in a while.)

PayDay 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.