Senate Votes To Save Net Neutrality, Gamers React

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality has been in place for several years, protecting consumers from big Internet providers from throttling or slowing traffic for particular sites or services. But earlier this year, the FCC, headed by chairman Ajit Pai, opted to knock down Net Neutrality, in the hopes of giving big business the chance to move in.

This proves to be devastating not only for those who use the Internet on a regular basis, but also the gaming community, as developers and players alike rely on a speedy connection to keep things moving along. So, like all of us, they argued that Net Neutrality should stay in place, despite the FCC’s plans. And it looks like the Senate agrees.

As reported by CNET, a vote was held in the Senate to see if Net Neutrality could be restored. And thanks to a very tight race, Democrats were able to secure a victory, temporarily protecting the Internet -- and its users -- from Pai’s advances. At least for now.

The repeal of net neutrality ended up passing the Senate by a margin of three mere votes -- more than enough to give it strength as it makes its way into the House of Representatives next, where the fight is likely to continue over the next few months. Still, a win is a win, right?

As a result, the Internet will remain the same and Net Neutrality will not be removed as of June 11. But there’s still votes ahead at the House of Representatives -- not to mention having president Donald Trump sign off on it, which he’s very much against.


That said, many companies and fans voiced celebration on social media regarding the Senate vote, with some noteworthy tweets included below.

We’ll see where this fight goes in the months ahead, but the Democrats believes they have momentum on their side as the next steps to save Net Neutrality are taken. Play on, gamers!