Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Trailer Shows Off A Completely Different Experience

Today is the big day, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is here and it definitely has delivered on its promise to be "unexpected" and unexpected it was! Black Ops veterans know that a big part of this particular part of the franchise are the Zombies. What we didn't know was how much they were willing to change the game up in an effort to provide something else entirely. Activision and Treyarch came together for probably one of the most iconic reveals in the franchise's history.

When the reveal for Black Ops 4 Zombies first dropped, we were introduced to a much darker version of a game we thought we knew. Reality and mysticism intertwines into a thrilling new experience that not only introduces players to a new kind of character to step into the shoes of, but an new enemy as well ... one that is ancient, powerful, and knows an unquenchable hunger for death.

The trailer, as seen above, also shows off a Gladiator-style arena with a more classic combat style. Put down that semi-automatic and prepare for a more traditional fighting experience, because to survive this means to rethink what you thought you knew about Call of Duty.

The team over at Treyarch also showed off that it's much more than just a new enemy. This world is infused with magic, seeing the transformation from man to undead - into monsters. The added level of mysticism gives the game something it's never had thus far, adds an entirely new layer of immersion and narrative to something that is already loved by the FPS community.


The reveal is still ongoing and we're learning more and more about what changes, incredible changes, the team has brought - including Battle Royale "the Black Ops way." Stay tuned while we continue bringing you the latest in Call of Duty news live from the event!

You can also check out the incredible multiplayer reveal from earlier right here! For an even closer look at Zombies, including a third map being added: