Dragon Ball FighterZ Announces Vegito Blue, Fused Zamasu Release Date

Dragon Ball FighterZ is officially adding the blue-haired SSGSS Vegito now that Bandai Namco has confirmed the upcoming DLC as well as a May 31 release date for both him and Fused Zamasu.

After what felt like more teasers than Bandai Namco had released for any DLC character prior to Vegito Blue, the publisher finally confirmed that the fused fighter is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. In a tweet shared early on Monday, Bandai Namco shared some images of Vegito Blue’s in-game looks alongside his powerful Final Kamehameha that combines Vegeta and Goku’s most iconic moves.

Of course, if you’ve been looking in the right places, you may have already seen these screenshots prior to this reveal. Just a few days ago, a recent issue of V-Jump revealed the same images seen here. While it was confirmed at that point that the Vegito Blue would be releasing alongside Fused Zamasu, this announcement from Bandai Namco erases any doubt about the fighter’s release.


Though the publisher has confirmed that Vegito Blue is coming, there’s still the question of when the fighter will be available alongside Zamasu. Players responded to Bandai Namco’s tweet with their new lineup while saying if they’d cycle a fighter out of the three-person squad to make room for Vegito, but there were also questions once again about the DLC’s release date. Bandai Namco wasn’t sharing any info though, at least not through the U.S. account. Another tweet was shared through the Bandai Namco U.K. account that included even more screenshots of Vegito Blue. Contrary to what was included in the U.S. tweet, this one shared details of the release date and confirmed that the DLC fighters would be available on May 31.

Fused Zamasu already got a character trailer not long ago, but Vegito Blue doesn’t have an official one yet. You can see the leaked one here that was released ahead of schedule last month, but it remains to be seen if this is the one Bandai Namco will stick with for the official trailer.