Nintendo eShop Update Offers Sushi Strikers, Shaq For Switch

Shaq Fu

Heading into E3, Nintendo actually has a pretty big update for its eShop on the Switch, with a variety of games that you can download to your system before making the trip to the big event.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest highlights that you can add to your library:

  • Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido ($49.99)- A combination of puzzle solving and competitive sushi elimination, Sushi Striker looks to be the next big original hit for the Switch. You’ll befriend Sushi Sprites and take on opponents while moving around dishes in combos and building up super attacks so you can clean house. It’s a silly setup, but surprisingly fun. There’s a demo you can check out as well, available for free!
  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle ($49.99)- For fighting fans, Cross Tag Battle is a must. Featuring combatants from the BlazBlue, Persona and RWBY universes, it packs a punch with great tag-team combos, along with other tactics that you can use to win the match. Plus it looks gorgeous on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Happy Birthdays ($39.99)- This fun little sandbox game allows you to build works from scratch, using experimentation to create a stunning new ecosystem with a variety of friendly creatures. This one definitely looks like a hit for the curious.
  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn ($19.99)- After two decades away from video games, Shaq is back in a hilariously over-the-top beat-em-up that goes down smooth, like applying Icy Hot to your skin. (You’re welcome, Shaq.) What’s more, if you purchased NBA Playgrounds in the past you should be able to get this for free!

Here are the other releases that you can check out as well:

  • The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker ($12.99)
  • A Magical High School Girl ($14.99)
  • AC NEOGEO Riding Hero ($7.99)
  • The Banner Saga 2 ($19.99)
  • D/Generation: The Original ($14.99)
  • GRIDD: Retroenhanced ($11.99)
  • Iro Hero ($12.99)
  • Kabobat Wars ($3.89)
  • Samurai Defender: Ninja Warfare ($7.20)
  • THE Number Puzzle ($4.99)
  • Shape of the World ($14.99)
  • Hexologic ($2.99)
  • Legendary Eleven ($9.99)
  • Milanoir ($12.99)
  • One Strike ($4.99)
  • Operation Hardcore ($12.99)
  • Songbringer ($19.99)

Overall, we give Sushi Striker a solid recommend; and Shaq Fu is big, goofy fun...especially if you can get it for free.

Next week should be huge for the eShop, not only with the confirmation of Paladins being available on the 12th, but also the possibility of Fortnite making a surprise arrival. Lego The Incredibles is coming as well! We’ll let you know when they’re available!