Titanfall Devs Promise a "Juicy" Surprise During Today's E3 Event


E3 2018 has finally arrived after months of speculation and one of the games many have been looking for with Star Wars being everywhere is the latest title from Respawn Entertainment. They announced back in 2017 that they were working on a "very special" Star Wars game, and after EA acquired the developer later on, that interest level continued to rise regarding just how the latest title will go.

The CEO of Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella, recently took to twitter to tease a "juicy little tidbit" about their EA Play conference, stating "We aren't ready to talk about all of the wonderful things in the works at Repawn yet ... But, we figured out a juicy tidbit to mention about 1 of 3 projects."

When EA first announced that they acquired the studio, there was a rumble of nervous energy in the gaming community. The reveal came at a time when the publisher was in very hot water over microtransactions and the revelation that they were deliberately manipulating the multiplayer experience to "coerce" players into buying their way to win. Zampella calmed those worries soon after, mentioning that the move was the best thing that could have happened to the company:

"Ultimately, my message is we are still Respawn and we are going to make the same games we did before, and hopefully better," Zampella said. "Anyone who is a fan of Respawn should trust us that what we are doing what we think is best for the future of Respawn and our games. We intend to deliver to our fans everything and more than we did in the past."


When asked about the relation between this move and the sudden closing of Visceral, the direction turned to whether or not Zampella felt like he needed to worry about Respawn's future. Rather than give some long-winded defense, he replied with a simple, yet definitive "nope."

We're hoping that the Star Wars game is the "juicy" tid-bit, but really - it could be anything. Could we be seeing a Titanfall 3? It's possible, but unlikely given that the sequel - despite being very enjoyable - failed to meet financial expectations. The conference kicks off today and we'll be covering it live this year - stay tuned!