Phil Spencer Boasts 15 Xbox World Premiere Games For Its Press Conference


Hot on the news of Crackdown 3 receiving a not-so-needed delay, Xbox head Phil Spencer has provided the news that tomorrow’s Xbox press conference will be a lot more loaded than people may expect.

Spencer took to Twitter in an attempt to fan the flames from the costly Crackdown delay that will now bring the game to market in February 2019. He noted that tomorrow’s showcase (which we’ll be covering, by the way) will be the home to a number of world premieres. We’re talking fifteen.

“Just wrapped our final #XboxE3 rehearsal,” Spencer noted on his Twitter account. “Feeling great about the show. Excited to world premiere 15 games tomorrow and much, much more. #e32018” You can see that tweet below.

The idea of 16 world exclusives sounds pretty good. It also adds weight to the theory that we’ll be seeing a fully stacked Halo compilation (the rumored Halo Infinity) as well as three Gears of War games. We’re also likely to see some big indie titles as well as potential surprises, including a couple of sequels. Maybe?

This should put a few fans’ minds at ease, though there’s still the question of how high caliber the 15 games that will be revealed are. We’ll certainly have all the details for them as they go down and let you know which ones you should get excited over.


We’ll be covering the Xbox press conference as soon as it goes live, as well as providing a link where you’ll be able to see all the action happening. Okay, Phil, you’ve had our curiosity, but now you have our full attention. Let’s see the games.

The Xbox One press conference takes place starting at 1 PM PDT tomorrow.