Ghost of Tsushima Promises to Be "Out of the Ordinary," Not Another Hack 'n Slash

Ghost of Tsuhima was one of the many pleasant surprises to come out the E3 2018 press conferences. The game at first glance was absolutely breath-taking, and the dynamic scenery added to player curiousity. After subtle exploration, fans finally got to see some of the high-impact, fast-paced combat that the game will offer players - though some have brought up concerns that they are turning it into just another simpleton hack-and-slash title. Luckily, it appears that won't be the case at all.

The Co-Founder for Sucker Punch, Chris Zimmerman, recently sat down with our friends over at GamingBolt to discuss the game and why it's not a fair comparison to call it 'just another hack 'n slash':

“If it were hack ‘n slash, [the live-demo player] wouldn’t be nervously practicing before every demo,” Zimmerman mentioned to the site. “It’s a brawler. It’s skill [based] in a bunch of different directions. The heart of the game is…[in the demo] you’ve seen three guys, getting into a fight with them, and knowing that you’re in danger, knowing that you have to be on top of your game fighting three guys. It’s really out of the ordinary if you think about it. You have lots of games where fighting one guy is hard, and then you have lots of games where fighting 20 guys is hard. But three ends up being an interesting number, it gives the game sort of a fresh feel.”

That's good to know, though there's nothing wrong with a solid hack 'n slash title, but it is nice to see there will be much more to the title than what meets the eye. According to the game's official description:


"In 1274, the fearsome Mongol Empire invades the Japanese island of Tsushima and slaughters its legendary samurai defenders. Jin Sakai is one of the last survivors of a noble samurai clan. To combat his overwhelming foes, he must pioneer deadly new fighting techniques--the way of The Ghost--and wage an unconventional war for the people of Japan."

At this point, we don't have release window though we do know it will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 sometime in the future. We wish we had more information to provide, but it looks like the team over at Sucker Punch has their hands full with getting the title ready to go.