Fortnite Double XP Weekend Is Live, Here's When It Ends

Time to hop on the battle bus and build some rickety towers, because Fortnite Battle Royale's Double XP Weekend is officially underway!

Starting now, until July 2, any match that you complete in Fortnite will yield double the experience, which should give you a great chance at surging forward and earning those last-minute tier rewards before season 4 comes to an end. Whether or not you own the Battle Pass, there is more than likely a few rewards on the end of that tier ribbon that you need, whether it be some new back bling, or even the extra 100 v-bucks you need to buy the skin you've been saving up for!

And you'll want to start stacking up on those reward items because, in case you missed it, we got news that EPIC has confirmed a gifting features will be coming to the game some time soon. After the update, the settings menu already shows a toggle for receiving gifts that you can turn off or on, but we don't know exactly what players will be able to gift at this time. For more information about gifting, you can check out our wrap-up here.

Something else to consider as you head into your double XP weekend is that you'll have a brand new game mode to play around in. The Playground LTM is finally, hopefully, coming today, and will give players a chance to drop onto the island -- alone or with a squad -- for a full hour to play and explore without resistance. Consider this the perfect opportunity to practice your building, and to finally scout out where all of those chests spawn!


We're due for an update on the Playground LTM very soon, within minutes in fact, so we're hoping that EPIC Games will be bringing us a bit of good news after so many matchmaking issues and delays. If you've been waiting to see when Playground Mode drops, stay tuned, and check back to the home page throughout the day as we bring you all of the latest breaks and updates.

In the meantime, get blasting, y'all. You have a few days to rack up as much experience as you can!