Dungeons & Dragons Has "No Current Plans" for New Original Settings for Fifth Edition

Dungeons & Dragons may be planning a return to some classic campaign settings in the near future, but fans shouldn't expect to see any brand new worlds anytime soon.

During a Fireside Chat streamed last weekend on Twitch, D&D Brand Director Nathan Stewart answered a fan question as to whether there were any plans for an original campaign setting for their Fifth Edition games, similar to how the brand introduced Eberron for Third Edition or Nentir Vale for Fourth Edition.

"I can answer this pretty straightforward and honestly," Stewart said. "I don't think there's any plans for original new campaign settings in the near future because we have so much stuff that we haven't explored in a meaningful way."

Stewart explained that over D&D's 43 year history, the game has explored many worlds and settings, but that oftentimes the worldbuilding for those settings were a bit sparse. Stewart said there was so much content and existing campaign settings that haven't really been explored yet, he didn't want the D&D creative team to build a new world quite yet. "I really want to see things brought to their full potential before we start creating new stuff," Stewart said.


Stewart and his co-host Greg Tito also noted that players still could build their own homebrew world for their own games and even put it on DM's Guild (a site that allows developers to post D&D homebrew guides, adventures and settings using official D&D branding and material) if they wanted others to explore a brand new world.

However, Stewart's comments shouldn't be taken that there aren't any plans to add to campaign settings for Fifth Edition content. Earlier in the Fireside Chat, Stewart confirmed that they would be announcing news on introducing classic D&D settings on July 23rd. Players have wanted to see more Spelljammer, Dark Sun, and Greyhawk content for years, and D&D has recently teased that they'll be introducing some of those classic settings back to the game in the near future. While we'll get to return to old worlds soon, don't expect D&D to introduce any brand new campaign settings...at least, not yet.