League of Legends' VS Event and ARURF End Soon

The ongoing Versus event that pits Garen and Darius against one another in a League of Legends showdown is ending later tonight when the ARURF game mode will also depart from the rotating game queue.

With the latest champion vs. champion event starting towards the end of last month on June 27, it was scheduled to end yesterday on July 10. Some issues that occurred with the game’s many missions led Riot Games to announce an extension of the event, but now that the one-day freebie is almost up, the event will end later tonight at 11:59 p.m. PT.

A reminder shared on the game’s special event page days ago reminded players of the end of the vent that draws near while listing off everything that’ll be going away once the VS event ends. From missions to store bundles to the fast-paced rotating game mode, here’s everything that’s leaving with the end of the VS 2018 event.

  • VS daily missions, mission lines, and loot rewards, including orbs and loading screen borders
  • VS Chaos and VS Order emotes, which will permanently disappear from the store after the event
  • VS bundles with exclusive icons
  • ARURF game mode, embellished with tributes to the two God-Kings

The missions and ensuing tokens are the biggest things that players will miss out on if they don’t complete the challenges before the event ends, tokens that give everyone the chance to score some free loot. With at least 200 tokens earnable through the event, that equals out to a minimum of two Lion or Wolf Orbs if that’s what you choose to buy, Orbs that contain skin shards with a chance of yielding more loot. The rest of the tokens can be converted into other loot like Key Fragments or Blue Essence, so you won’t have to worry about having any leftovers. The post doesn’t explicitly say when the tokens expire and become uncraftable, but you can’t earn them after tonight, so it’s best to use them while you still can.

Once the event is finished, everyone will get one more mission to take on regardless of whether you won or lost. The missions’ scenarios change depending on whether you chose Garen or Darius, but the outcome will be the same with players getting 1,000 Blue Essence and an event-exclusive icon. Players will have until July 23 to complete that mission with winning one game being the only thing standing between them and the mission rewards.