Ghost of Tsushima and This Hot New Anime Have Something Unique in Common

Ghost of Tsushima

We’re not sure if it’s just an odd coincidence or if the developers at Sucker Punch were working with someone in secret but an interesting connection has just been found between a forthcoming PS4 game and a hot new anime.

DualShockers recently did some digging and found that both Tsushima and the anime episodes of Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki and Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion, which just aired in Japan, are from the same era.

The game takes place during the first Mongol invasion in Japan during the year 1274. And, ironically enough, the anime, produced by Nanahiko Takagi serialized on Samurai Ace for the past five years, takes place on the island of Tsushima in the exact same year. Yep, 1274. How crazy is that?

That’s not to say that the stance that the Angolmois episodes takes on the Mongol war is any deeper than Tsushima. Both of them are pretty spot on in terms of atmospheric touches as well as introducing characters that act like traditional warriors for the age.

As for the character from Angolmois, he’s Jinzaburo Kuchii, “a samurai exiled to Tsushima who finds himself facing the whole might of the Mongol invasion.” The lead character in Ghost of Tsushima seems to be in a similar boat, though his approach is a bit more on the silent side.

Now, when will you be able to see these episodes and compare just how close they are in tone to Ghost of Tsushima? They have been confirmed for Crunchyroll, although the anime channel has yet to confirm when they’ll air. But definitely keep tabs on them -- you can watch a clip from the trailer below, with eight minutes of Tsushima gameplay right below that for comparison. It's...pretty cool, actually.


Another fun side note from DualShockers: “Incidentally, the term Angolmois comes from the prophecies of Nostradamus about the end of the world, and is believed to be an anagram of the French world for Mongols Mongolais.” So, the more you know...

Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have a release date, but it’s expected sometime in 2019. We'll definitely keep you informed once a date is officially confirmed!