PlayStation Beta Testers Wanted for Upcoming PS4 6.0 Update

There is a huge update in the works currently for PlayStation 4 users to enjoy and the team behind the powerful console is looking for additional help. As of right now, Sony Interactive Entertainment has begun to recruit beta testers to try out the new features for the upcoming PS4 6.0 update. Registrations are now live for both the North America Network and the Japanese PlayStation Network!

Registration has officially kicked off from July 19th until July 27th, which means there's only a limited window to let Sony know you're interested. We still don't really have any clue what the next 'big' update will bring, though Sony has promised in the past that it will bring tons of changes to the platform experience in addition to loads of new features. And here we are just hoping that they will finally implement a way to change our gamertag because ... well. Cringe.

Considering how it was the help of beta testers that got us features like the supersampling mode with the previous 5.5 patch, it will be interesting to see how the update itself changes from when it first hits a tester's PSN to when it finally goes live for everyone! We still don't have an exact release date for when the full update will go live, but at least we know Sony has the ball rolling.


To sign up for the Japanese PlayStation Network test, you can go here. For the North American Network registration, this is the site for you.

Since this isn't a patch within version 5 but an entirely new set of numbers as a whole marks just how big this update will be. Like games, when a new set of numbers is entered, that marks entering a new era of experience. What could the big update be about? We're curious! We're also curious about what you think will be in the 6.0 patch? What new features are you hoping Sony has finally added, or are you pretty content with the system as is? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!