Here's What Jon Bernthal Would Look Like as Street Fighter Characters

Actor Jon Bernthal has been reimagined as different characters from Street Fighter by BossLogic to show what he’d look like as Ryu and more.

BossLogic, an artist known for his work that involves turning actors and actresses into everyone’s favorite fictional video game and movie characters, took to Instagram to show off a collection of Street Fighter interpretations including designs for Bernthal as Ryu, Ken, and Akuma. The characters are shown in that order starting from the top-right with Bernthal himself shown in the top-left for a comparison.

Out of the three Street Fighter creations that were shown, two of the them were mentioned over and over again in the replies to the post on Instagram. Both the Ryu and Akuma interpretations of Bernthal were praised repeatedly by people who thought that the actor would be an excellent on-screen fit for the two characters, should that ever happen. Jokes about Ken looking more like Thor were made as well, and the Ryu creation begat some comments from people wondering what Bernthal would look like as Solid Snake with several commenters asking BossLogic to take on that project next. BossLogic said that he considered doing Chun Li and Blanka as well, but perhaps those are being saved for another day.


The inspiration behind the post that turns Bernthal into the three Street Fighter characters comes from a previous comparison that BossLogic shared showing a PCS Ryu cast side-by-side with an image of Bernthal. The artist said that seeing the cast made him think only of the actor, though he was clear to say more than once that his turning Bernthal into Ryu was not a fan cast to avoid any comments being made about the character being whitewashed. Those comments still inevitably came, but the multiple disclaimers had BossLogic’s supporters defending the artistic interpretations.

More of BossLogic's creations can be seen through his Instagram or Twitter account.