Tomb Raider Fan Wins Xbox One X at SDCC by Eating a Centipede

One dedicated Tomb Raider fan took on an insect-eating challenge at San Diego Comic-Con and is going home with an Xbox One X after consuming a centipede.

The new owner of the Xbox One X who goes by the Reddit name lilypad360 shared proof of her victory on the Xbox One subreddit with the image below that shows her standing in front of a Shadow of the Tomb Raider ad. Taking part in a promotion that’s been running throughout the weekend at SDCC, lilypad360 had to eat a centipede for the chance to spin a wheel full of prizes related to Xbox and Tomb Raider gear. There were 21 possible slots on the wheel that it could’ve landed on with only one of them awarding the contestants with an Xbox One X, and that’s exactly what the centipede-eater landed on to take home the new console. To get ready for the new Tomb Raider game, she said the first thing she’s going to do with it is replay Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider Xbox One X
(Photo: Reddit)

An image of the prize wheel was also shared to show what the odds were with other prizes on the wheel being various t-shirts and raffle tickets along with the game itself. There was also a “bankrupt” option that would give the contestants nothing, so there’s a chance that people could’ve eaten the creepy crawlers and walked away with nothing.

Because everyone’s obviously wondering what it feels like to eat a centipede, lilypad360 recounted the whole process with vivid details about the many legs and the scaly body. When asked to describe the challenge, the Redditor did her best to give a truly disgusting account what it took to win an Xbox One X.


“They unveil the bowl, and on the stick is a centipede. I look at the hard scaly body, with many many legs, I remind myself, it’s all mental!” the Redditor said. “The announcer says it’s time to start, and like planned, I shove the whole centipede in my mouth. As I chew, the taste gets more unpleasant, and pieces of the centipede splits into many more, cascading around my mouth, getting stuck in my teeth. My mouth was parched from waiting in line and talking excessively, as I am known to do when excited. After chewing sufficiently I closed my eyes and swallowed, feeling all the scaly pieces and legs going down my throat. Then I had to use my tongue as a toothpick to extract all of the pieces left over around my mouth. When I was finally done, the crowd went wild, after having previously been in a state of disgust. I ran up to wheel and spun it, landing on a prize that would forever change my gaming life. The brand new XBOX ONE X. I had done it. I had channeled my inner Lara Croft.”

Others posted similar stories throughout the weekend that showed scorpions were on the menu as well as the centipedes, but lilypad360 appears to be the luckiest one with her new Xbox One X.