'Space Harrier' Joins Sega Ages Nintendo Switch Lineup

It has yet to officially begin, but Sega’s classic game program for Nintendo Switch, Sega Ages, sounds very promising, as it’ll re-introduce a number of old-school favorites to the system with a number of features that fans are sure to love. And now there’s one more that gamers will want to “get ready!” for.

The publisher has officially confirmed via a new trailer (which you can see above) that Space Harrier is officially joining the party. The game will debut on the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year, alongside other previously announced favorites like Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV (Lightening Force), Gain Ground, Alex Kidd In Miracle World and Phantasy Star. The first games should debut in Japan later this month, and we’ll see them on our shores soon enough as well.

The announcement, according to Gematsu, was a “collaboration commercial with the anime High Score Girl.” The game doesn’t have a release date, and features haven’t been announced yet. But again, it’s expected sometime this year.

Space Harrier has seen release on a number of platforms over the years since its debut in the arcade back in 1985. This includes the Master System, Sega Genesis, and, as of late, the Nintendo 3DS as part of Sega’s M2-driven re-release program for the handheld. Space Harrier II is also included in Sega Genesis Classics, which came out earlier this summer for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as PC.

It’s a fast-paced shooter with a hero flying around the screen, shooting at enemies while avoiding obstacles that could easily end his run. At the end of each stage, he has to contend with a boss, including a dragon that breathes fire at him, as well as a weird formation of rock faces that try to crush him flat.

It’s a retro favorite that deserves a new audience, so the Nintendo Switch should be a proper home for these shooting antics. Our only real question is when its long-lost sequel Planet Harriers will get such treatment. Now there’s a game that deserves love again.


We’ll let you know once Sega confirms a release date and pricing for this version of the game. Hopefully it won’t be long!

(Hat tip to NintendoLife for the scoop!)