First 'Overwatch' LEGO Mini-Fig Revealed

Blizzard teased the first of several Overwatch LEGO sets by revealing a first look at a LEGO version of Tracer on Tuesday.

Sharing the tweet below that showed Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan at Blizzard HQ, the video showed him working on putting together a Tracer mini-fig. Once completed, the LEGO version of Tracer bounced around and recited her “Cheers, Love! The cavalry’s here!” quote before leaping to the center of the screen to present the figure in better detail.

Activision Blizzard announced the news of the Overwatch LEGO sets back in may with a press release that confirmed the company was working with the LEGO Group, the building block maker that’s already turned tons of different IPs into LEGO sets. Described as “multiple Overwatch building sets across various price points,” the extent of Activision Blizzard’s plans with LEGO aren’t known, but we now know that they’ll indeed feature Tracer, the hero the serves as the face of the game. Blizzard responded to another tweet to say that, despite how active Tracer was during the preview for the new LEGO set, buyers shouldn’t count on her doing everything that was shown in the video.

The text shown beneath the video’s tweet says that the collaboration between Overwatch and LEGO is “coming soon” but neither an exact date nor a price point for the Tracer figure was shared.


LEGO isn’t the only collectibles company that Activision Blizzard has teamed up with either. When the partnership with LEGO was announced, it was also said that Overwatch Nerf guns would be released as well. After teasing the release of the Nerf guns with the tweet below, the Overwatch Twitter account revealed the first gun to make its debut in the collection, a weapon that Reaper mains will already be quite familiar with. Reaper isn't the only hero to have his signature weapon featured in the line of Nerf guns though with D.Va, another one of Overwatch's more popular heroes, also making an appearance.

There is no known release date for the first of Overwatch's LEGO sets or any more that will follow the Tracer figured previewed above.