'For Honor' Reaches 15 Million Players Ahead of Marching Fire Update

Ubisoft reached a new For Honor milestone by surpassing 15 million total players, an announcement on Wednesday said.

The hero fighting game that pits faction against faction and came out in 2017 has accumulated that many players just ahead of its “Marching Fire” update that’s releasing next week. First released in February 2017, the game has been supported throughout its lifespan with Ubisoft saying that the number of players steadily grew over time.

For Honor's biggest update ever, Marching Fire, launches October 16, but fans have a big reason to celebrate ahead of the arrival of new Heroes, modes and more,” Ubisoft’s announcement said. “For Honor has surpassed 15 million players! The game's population has continued to grow since launch with the release of several major post-launch updates, new Heroes, gear, training features and the shift to dedicated servers.”

Dedicated servers took just over a year to be added to all platforms the game’s available for, an absent feature that caused some frustration within the For Honor community. Given the game’s focus on intimate combat between a small number of players in the various game modes, sometimes in one-on-one or two-on-two scenarios, matches could quickly get heated and would result in people quitting, Should that person be the host, the game would be dropped, a disappointing end to the combat that players have looked to master. The dedicated servers and other features are part of how Ubisoft built the game up throughout the past year though, and they’ve helped keep the number of players growing to pass 15 million.


“Warriors fight together and this is exemplified by the ever-growing For Honor community of players worldwide. Over the last year, we have worked tirelessly to do right by our community as we continue to build and expand the world of For Honor, and it is the community's passion that has ensured that we have been able to stay the course," said Stephane Cardin, senior producer at Ubisoft Montreal. "On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank the 15 million warriors that have taken up arms and joined us on the battlefield. We are deeply honored to have reached this milestone, and we will continue to support For Honor so that more may enjoy what we've built so far."

As for the next steps in For Honor’s life, the game’s about to get its biggest update yet with Marching Fire adding an entirely new faction and more heroes, maps, and other features, all of those details broken down here.