'Fortnite' Disables Zoey Skin Due to Invisibility Bug

Epic Games announced it had to disable Fortnite’s Zoey skin due to a bug that was making its wearers invisible to other players.

Taking to Twitter and Reddit to share the announcement, Epic Games said that outfit had been disabled until Epic Games could find a solution for the invisibility issue. No timeframe was given for when it would return, but Epic Games said that skin would only be “temporarily disabled.”

“Players have found an issue with the Zoey outfit and we have temporarily disabled it while we work on a fix,” Epic Games said on Reddit and through the tweet below.

While details weren’t provided to explain what the problem actually was, players within the comments game some insight into why the skin had to be taken away. According to some players’ stories and evidence that was provided, the skin was making it so that people wearing it would be invisible on other players’ screens. All that could be seen was a floating gun or pickaxe with the tracers from bullets still visible, but hitting the actual player became much more difficult since there was no visible body to shoot at. A Reddit user shared the video below to show what it looked like from their perspective as a Zoey skin-wearing player shot up their teammate and avoided incoming shots while barely being seen.


This isn’t the first time that Fortnite players have encountered invisible opponents either. Players have shared evidence in the past of their battles with invisible enemies with Epic Games acknowledging the bugs and saying that they’d be fixed. There was also another occasion when Shadow Stones, the items that were supposed to make players invisible, had to be disabled because that invisibility became permanent. The items were only intended to make players invisible for a short amount of time while giving them increased movement capabilities and an effect that let them phase through walls, but players were finding that their invisibility wasn’t ending once they used a Shadow Stone. Those Shadow Stones were later brought back after the issue had been resolved.

Epic Games has not yet provided an update on Twitter about the Zoey skin or when it will return, but we’ll share an update here as soon as one is available.