‘Heroes of the Storm’ Introduces a New Hero, Orphea

For the first time ever, Heroes of the Storm is introducing a character to the game that’s not connected to another of their franchises. Yep, an entirely original character. Say hello to...Orphea!

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.45.23 PM

Blizzard premiered a new trailer today in which the powerful young woman finds herself facing off against a more devastating opponent, utilizing her magic in an effort to push back against him. We then see just what her dark magic is capable of as she casts spell after spell to fight back against her adversary the Raven Lord (at least, that’s what it looks like), barely taking his attacks with a scratch and then countering in fantastic style with a truly devastating series of strikes.

As the trailer, which you can see in the Twitter link below, goes on, she has a conversation with the elder sorcerer, promising to fight against him with every ounce of her energy.

Her magic attacks seem to resemble Bayonetta’s, to a certain point, as they can sometimes conjure monsters with large teeth.

We then get a good look at gameplay in action, in which her magic spells work as extensions of sorts, like gigantic monster limbs that gnaw away at opponents in a number of ways. It’s good looking stuff thus far.

And the trailer concludes with a glimpse at what’s to come with the game in 2019, before going to a sequence in which we see a custodian character, the Squeaky King (that’s what it says on his jacket), introduced, cleaning up Orphea’s mess as he goes along. It’s pretty hilarious stuff, although we’re not sure to what extent he’ll be included in the game.

Orphea hasn’t been given a premiere date for Heroes of the Storm just yet, but she’s likely to debut sometime in 2019. Blizzard also promised a bunch of new information during the Heroes of the Storm panel later today.


Oh, and those of you attending the show or watching via the Virtual Ticket, you’ll be able to pick up Orphea at no charge. Now if we could just get that “bony custodian.”

Heroes of the Storm is available now for PC via Battle.net.