'Fortnite' Cube Finale Was Crazy, Here's What Happened


In case you missed it, Fortnitemares' Finale just happened in-game, and it was pretty crazy.

The event began at 1 P.M. EST, with the cube rotating and hardening. Then, it exploded into pieces and a trippy, in-game cutscene happened for every player that transported them into a mysterious and tranquil white world with a butterfly like rift flying around.

Watch it for yourself here:

The aftermath of the event has taken the floating island and the cube (Kevin) out of the game, and has returned Loot Lake, which now boasts a new look with more islands and greenery.

As you would expect, the event brought in a massive crowd of viewers on Twitch of over one million and caused numerous servers to crash, dispelling any suggestions that the game's legs are starting to tire.

Of course with the cube saga at an end, many fans are now wondering what will happen next. But even the Fortnite community -- which is normally ripe with crazy fan theories and speculation -- doesn't really know.


That said, the collective response to the latest in-game event seems very positive, in fact, I would say the reaction hasn't been this positive to a live event since The Visitor.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. And in case you didn't notice, all of the game's playlists have returned to normal following the conclusion of the live event.