'Battlefield V' Has Over 100 Pages of Release Notes

The release notes for Battlefield V are going to be massive, EA DICE’s multiplayer producer said when sharing a screenshot of the notes’ stats.

David Sirland, multiplayer producer working on Battlefield V, took to Twitter to share a tweet discussing the game’s release notes. Battlefield V is scheduled to release on November 20th, unless people got it early through it’s various early access opportunities, but people will want to set aside the time to take in around 135 pages of notes, according to Sirland’s tweet below.

It’s not the first time that Battlefield V has had some extensive notes to dig through that catalogued changes EA DICE has made. At the end of August, EA DICE shared a list of notes for the game’s open beta that detailed everything the developer changed between the time the closed alpha ended to the moment the open beta began.

Putting the notes together was a lengthy process, according to Jaqub Ajmal, an EA DICE producer working on Battlefield V. The producer who’s also tagged in Sirland’s tweet responded to another user’s question to say it took the help of multiple developers and around 2 weeks of effort to get the release notes organized.

As for the timing of the release notes, Sirland said the current goal is to have the notes published for people to read in English by Thursday “at the very least.” Having the notes out then would make them available one day before the game releases for Origin Access Premier subscribers on the PC, though others will have until the game’s full release on November 20th to sift through the notes.


There was one suggestion made to say that such lengthy notes would be better presented as a video, but Sirland said such an undertaking would take forever. He added that future patch notes will be much, much smaller than the roughly 135 pages he previewed in the tweet.

Battlefield V is scheduled to release first on November 9th and becomes fully available on November 20th, and you can see all the ways to play it early here.