'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4': Nuketown Map Arrives Next Week On PS4 First

Call of Duty's famous map Nuketown makes its triumphant return in Black Ops 4, though PlayStation 4 players will have first dibs on experiencing it firsthand.

We already knew that Nuketown was making its way back into the game thanks to E3 earlier this year, but we didn't have a date until now. Now Treyarch has confirmed that the beloved map is bringing Multiplayer to the total of 15 maps to choose from come November 13th, with the Xbox One and PC getting the drop a week later.

We know that there are twelve more maps slated to release with the Black Ops Pass, though we don't have any more information on that at this time. Until then, we know we have Nuketown to look forward to for those that enjoy the classic Zombies experience.

The news of the latest map arriving comes hot on the heels of the latest update from the studio talking about changes made to Zombies. According to their most recent Reddit post, they mentioned "In our most recent major game update, we added new technology to help us track down the more complex Zombies crashes, and these tools now allow us to isolate the issues with the highest frequency. We’re working through that list in priority order, and we will be releasing several fixes over the course of the next few updates. The complexity of variables in Zombies Easter Eggs presents the team with a unique set of challenges in reproducing, fixing, and thoroughly testing the fixes before release. As such, they take a little longer than our regular updates, and we appreciate your continued patience."


They also added that this was their "most ambitious" Zombies mode to date and that they are aware of the bugs that players are running into. Treyarch added, "We respect and appreciate that our players invest so much time into Zombies, and we are committed to ensuring that this is the best Zombies gameplay experience in the series. Zombies would not be what it is today without an incredible community of fans, and we are wholly committed to doing everything we can to make Black Ops 4 the best and most-supported game that we’ve ever made."

For now, we have Nuketown to look forward to! Are you excited for the familiar map? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and tell us what you think about Nuketown's arrival.