New 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Concept Art Revealed

Some new Marvel's Spider-Man concept art has surfaced featuring never-before-seen images of Spidey, Silver Sable, and more.

The new concept art comes way of Dennis Chan, a freelance concept artist and illustrator that works on both games and film, who took to Twitter to share some early designs for the game with fans (spoilers for Marvel's Spider-Man ahead).

As you can see, the concept art and the final design and look of the game match up pretty well, which isn't always the case with concept art. Otto, the Advanced Suit, and The Raft all look pretty similar to how they look in the final game. Meanwhile, Silver Sable looks slightly different, and a little taller than she did in the end product.


If you haven't been following Chan's Twitter, he's been sharing concept art of the game for awhile now. Here are some of the earlier pieces he shared:

Marvel's Spider-Man is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. For more news and coverage on the game and all things Spidey, click here. And of course, give Dennis Chan a follow on Twitter to check out more concept art he has shared in the past, plus whatever he shares in the future.