'Fortnite' Player Discovers Secret Emote Combo That's Sure to Tilt Enemies

A Fortnite player has discovered a hidden combination of emotes that’s guaranteed to frustrate any enemy that’s just been eliminated.

Taunting opponents with the “Take the L” emote has been a common practice in Fortnite since it was added in Season 3’s Battle Pass, and the tradition isn’t likely going to go away anytime soon. But when Take the L is combined with another newly-released “Scorecard” emote, Fortnite players are apparently guaranteed to get the same result every time.

Fortnite player and Redditor Joekelele shared a post on Fortnite’s most active subreddit to show what happens when players use the Take the L emote before using Scorecard. By combining the two emotes in that order, the Scorecard emote will always yield a “0” on the card the player raises up. It’s the equivalent of tryharding when it comes to emotes, and it’s an emote combo that’ll likely be seen even more frequently when players start catching on.

Doing Take The L before the Scorecard emote causes it to always be "0" from r/FortNiteBR

As anyone who already owns the Scorecard emote will know by now if they’ve used it frequently, the number shown on the card appears to be randomized each time it’s held up. That outcome is shown at the end of the video where the player uses the Scorecard emote over and over without using Take the L before it, a “0” always being the result if done properly with random numbers shown otherwise.


The emote combination was only made possible recently when Epic Games announced the release of the new Scorecard emote that landed in the game’s store just a few days ago. Epic Games tweeted through the official Fortnite Twitter account to say that the emote had been added to the item shop, the Scorecard emote being an Uncommon item available for 200 V-Bucks.

You’ll need the Take the L emote to make the combo work, of course, but unless you got that emote from back in Season 3 from the Battle Pass, you’ll just have to hope your Scorecard brings up a “0” for the person you just eliminated.