'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Datamine Reveals Piranha Plant, Joker Stats

Stats for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s upcoming DLC fighters have been revealed alongside some more teasers for an unknown character.

Piranha Plant and Joker from Persona 5 are the two known DLC characters coming to the game in that order, and after the game’s files have been datamined, more info on their various stats including their weight, run speed, and other parameters have been shared. There’s also a third character mentioned in the files, that character codenamed “Brave” who finds themselves fitting between the two known fighters according to the numerical stat values.

Twitter user Mizumi shared an in-depth look at the characters’ stats while providing info on some of the game’s existing fighters for comparison.

Other stats pertaining to landing lag frames, short hops, and fast falls were also shared, but the main information that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players can take away from the datamine is that Piranha Plant is a big, heavy fighter while Joker and the unknown “Brave” are classified as medium-sized characters. The stats known so far seem to match up with what might be expected of the fighters – Piranha Plant is a stout fighter seeing how it’s an already huge plant encased in a pot filled with soil, and Joker is an agile, mobile fighter which fits his thief identity in Persona 5.


Who “Brave” is still remains to be seen, but it’s been theorized that the name might be code for one of the Dragon Quest characters. A previous report indicated that the second DLC character after Joker had leaked and would be Erdrick, one of the characters from the series, but it could be that “Brave” has nothing to do with that. It’s worth recalling that the Dragon Quest leak came first, so people who knew of that leak would be more likely to see leak-confirming information in these subsequent findings whereas seeing “Brave” on its own could lead to many different conclusions.

While the stats give some insight into the characters, their actual moves are still mostly unknown aside from the video preview shown at the top for the first DLC fighter. Piranha Plant will be out first for those who register their copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before the end of January, and while Joker doesn’t yet have a release date, more information is known about the character following an update shared by the game’s director.