'Super Mario Odyssey' Gets Iconic 'Banjo-Kazooie' Level Thanks To Fan Mod

Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey already has a huge adventure to offer, with hours’ worth of levels to explore and lots of hidden secrets. But leave it to a modder to add a little bit of retro goodness from a long-lost platformer.

A user by the name of ItzSka has posted a new mod that can be downloaded from the GameBanana page that introduces a new level into the Switch game, and it’s a favorite from the old Nintendo 64 release Banjo-Kazooie. With this mod, users can check out Clanker’s Cavern in all its old-school glory, right down to the musical notes and Trophies that look like Jiggies!

Here’s how ItsSka describes his work on the mod.

“This level is a full custom import from the original N64 game, with 6 total power moons (shaped like Jiggies) and a slew of fun challenges requiring the work of both Mario and Cappy.

The level itself can be found in the Moon Pipe that was relocated to right in front of the Odyssey of Cap Kingdom. All you need is a Story Completed gamesave with the Cap Kingdom Moon Rock broken open.”

He also added some quick mod notes. “If you happen to experience any game crashes from loading the level, check to see if you game is updated to version 1.2 and if it already is and that is not fixing it, you can delete the Localized Data folder from the mod files. (This will also remove moon names and other custom text) Again, thanks for checking out my newest level. Hope everybody enjoys!”

If you want a good idea of what the level is about, you can check out the video above, straight from ItzSka’s YouTube channel. However, he advises everyone to try out the mod first before watching it, as it’s likely to spoil the location of a couple of Moons.

The video lasts about 8-something minutes and even has the classic Banjo music going alongside it, so you know ItzSka’s work has got the retro touch. No word yet on how long the mod will remain up, but you’ve still got time to check it out!


Super Mario Odyssey is available now for Nintendo Switch in physical and digital form via the Nintendo eShop. You can also play Banjo-Kazooie on Nintendo 64, as well as on Xbox One through Xbox 360 backward compatibility.

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