'Macrotis: A Mother's Journey' Taking Puzzle Platforming Fans On a Trip This February

There’s something about a 2.5-D platformer that can bring a world to life perhaps even better than a 3D one. Just look at what games like Klonoa and Mega Man 11 have done for the genre. Now, the team at Proud Dinosaurs (now that’s a developer name!) has a much more unique entry in mind with its forthcoming Steam game Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey.

The game’s storyline goes a lot deeper than you might expect, as you portray Mother Bilby, who suddenly finds herself separated from her children after a downpour causes a flash flood. She sets out to rescue them as quickly as she can while dealing with dangers in the environment.

In the game, you’ll climb, jump and gnaw your way through each level and occasionally “solve challenging puzzles by interacting with the beautiful yet dangerous world, while avoiding deadly traps that could end the adventure immediately,” according to the official Steam page. So, yeah, you may want to watch where you step.

The game’s trailer, which can be seen above, gives you an idea of just what kind of mesmerizing- yet dangerous- world you’ll be exploring here.

But you won’t be defenseless. You’ll have access to a number of “natural and supernatural abilities” that will let you a hand, though it’s still up to Mother Bilby’s determination to get through in one piece.

Here are the game’s key features, so you know what to expect:

  • Live through hours of adventure filled with thought-provoking and sometimes unforgiving puzzles
  • Experience an emotional journey with an immersive storyline
  • Gain magical abilities that let you pass through walls and raise barriers
  • Overcome obstacles by digging and gnawing
  • Use water physics to your advantage and proceed without drowning
  • Enjoy a beautiful yet dangerous atmosphere
  • Lose yourself in an enchanting soundtrack
  • Gather lots of collectibles and learn the lore of the magical world of Macrotis
  • Earn Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards
  • Play the game either in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, or Japanese (for now)

It was originally intended for release last year, but the team delayed it so that it could work on improving sound quality and squashing a few bugs. But you won’t have to wait too long to try it out, as it’s set to arrive on Steam on February 8.

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