Now You Can Play 'Tomb Raider' On Nintendo Switch Thanks to This Homebrew

Hacking systems is nothing new. We do it to our platforms, we do it to our mobile devices - people like to tinker, it's that natural curiousity. That being said, the Nintendo Switch gave players one hell of a time when it came to trying to get the hybrid platform to work the way they wanted but at the end of the day - the homebrew community prevailed. The latest conquest? Tomb Raider on the Switch and it looks awesome.

The Tomb Raider games use the OpenLara engine and now it's over on the Nintendo Switch. As seen in the video above, you can see a few of the older games working with smoother performance and surprisingly well-adapted controls to the Joy-Con mapping. Is it a must-have? Well, no - but it sure is nifty for those interested in the homebrew scene.


The video above also shows how to get it to start working, but first - you'll need to download this file right here. A few users have reported that the download process was interrupted or somehow didn't work properly, so if that's the case you can check out this person's Facebook here to learn about workarounds while asking them for help directly.

What do you think about playing some of the older Tomb Raider games on the Nintendo Switch? With so many ports being announced since the hybrid platform launched, it does raise the question of "What's next?" If you could have any dream port - no matter how nonsensical it may seem - what would it be? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy for even more Switch-y goodness!