'Fortnite' Wall Building Is Getting a Huge Fix Soon

One of Fortnite’s longstanding problems with its pivotal building mechanic is getting fixed soon and will even give players an extra wall free of charge.

As any player who’s tried to build their way out of uneven ground or a body of water will know, walls don’t always work well in those situations. Depending on how uneven the ground is, building a wall to protect oneself may just result in a nice fence being erected while the player’s torso and head are still vulnerable. That won’t be the case any longer in the v7.20 update when Epic Games fixes the problem.

“Have you ever tried building a wall and it builds partially below, or is obstructed by, the ground?” Epic Games asked in a post which explained the fix. “In the v7.20 update we’re introducing a change that should help placement in these circumstances!”

The new wall-building system will make it so that a connecting piece to an uneven wall will be built for free without taking up players’ resources. To trigger the new feature, the wall that’s built initially must be at least 70 percent underground, a requirement that won’t be difficult to fulfil if players get caught in an underwater fight. If it’s that far underground and has a connection to a building piece, Epic Games said a new wall will be built in addition to the one players already placed.

“Under those circumstances, the required connecting piece will now build automatically and for free,” Epic Games said. “In addition, the connecting piece will inherit team ownership rules (and the material type) of the desired piece.”


Fortnite’s updated wall feature won’t apply to other types of buildings though. The post initially said a “structure” could trigger the wall fix, but it’s now been updated to specify that only a wall can cause the new system to kick in. Epic Games confirmed that in a separate comment when said “for the moment this will only affect walls,” though Epic Games said it would update players if it decides to expand the feature to other types of structures in the future. Stairs in particular are one structure Epic Games said might benefit from this fix later on.

Epic Game’s wall-building fix for Fortnite is scheduled to be in effect with the release of the v7.20 update.