Check Out These Fan-Made Posters For 'The Witcher' Netflix Series As You Wait For The Show

the witcher henry cavill geralt

We know Netflix's The Witcher series will release sometime this year, we just have no clue when. And unfortunately we don't even have any trailers, promos, or an official poster to hold us over while we painfully wait for more information.

Luckily, some fans have remedied the painful wait a little bit with posters of their own, some of which look like Netflix designed and revealed them itself.

First up we got a simple, but impactful poster featuring Geralt's preferred monster slaying right hand being held onto by Ciri's unprotected and smaller hand. The poster is pretty grabbing, and if you know the series, it fits its themes. That said, it's not very, well, exciting, and if you're going to have a show starring a monster slayer, I'd like to see at least a sword, and maybe a rolling monster head if we can.

Fan Poster for The Witcher !! from r/netflixwitcher

Next up we got a promotional poster starring Triss Merigold, who behind Ciri and Yennefer is probably the most recognizable female character in the series. She's being played by the talented Anna Shaffer, who obviously is featured here.

Triss Merrigold Character Poster !! from r/netflixwitcher

From the same Reddit poster as the first two, we have another promotional poster starring Ciri, the show's second protagonist to Geralt of Rivia, and who is being portrayed by Freya Allan.

Ciri Poster for The Witcher ? from r/witcher

Lastly, we have a more standard poster starring the stoic monster slayer himself, Geralt, aka Henry Cavill in a white wig. This one in particular really looks like something you may see from Netflix, though it doesn't feature the show's official logo like the other three do.


And then right below it, another from the poster of the first three, but boasting more creative freedom and a bit of an alternative look for Cavill's Geralt.

The Witcher (Netflix) - Fan Poster by Koke Nunez from r/witcher
Awesome Fan Art Poster of The Witcher from r/netflixwitcher

As I said, hopefully we at least get an official poster or some promotional material soon, but in the meantime, you'll just have to ogle over these.