One-Armed 'Apex Legends' Player Gets First Win

An Apex Legends player and Twitch streamer who plays first-person shooters using one hand and a foot just secured his first win after just a few days of playing.

ToeYouUp” is a Twitch streamer and U.S. Marines veteran who lost his arm at the age of 24 in a motorcycle accident, but that hasn’t stopped him from playing games like Apex Legends and Battlefield V. The player’s Twitch channel is filled with streams of ToeYouUp playing the latter, but the most recent streams have instead featured Apex Legends with one of the streamer’s last videos showing off his first win in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale mode.

The clip showing that moment can be seen below with ToeYouUp even being the one member of his squad to deliver the final shots that secured the win.

To use the PlayStation 4 controller, you’ll notice the streamer handles both thumbsticks, the face buttons, and the left shoulder buttons with one hand to perform every action from running to reviving to reloading to aiming. With his right foot, ToeYouUp can aim and use the Legends’ tactical abilities. The clip looks like a normal enough win in Apex Legends but is even more impressive when you rewatch it and see how the player easily manipulates the controller.


The streamer’s Apex Legends clip has already made the rounds online through the new game’s communities such as the subreddit where it’s currently sitting at the top of the forum’s posts with nearly 25,000 upvotes. Many of the comments within that post praised the streamer for his determination and suggested that the streamer pick up a custom PlayStation 4 controller designed to be used with only one hand.

Apex Legends has only been out for a few days, so if the streamer keeps playing like he has been the past few days after leaving Battlefield V behind, there will likely be more wins to come. The game will have been out for a week come Monday, but that’s already been plenty of time to allow several million players to try out the free-to-play game. Respawn is already looking ahead to what it’ll do with the game next as well with some small fixes going out recently ahead of larger meta-focused updates that are to come.