'The Division 2' Beta Update Fixes Crashes Caused by Long Play Sessions

An update has been released for The Division 2’s private beta to resolve an issue where the application crashed if players played it for too long.

Ubisoft announced that the issue had been fixed through the game creator’s forums where the solution was the sole change listed in the private beta patch notes. After maintenance took the servers offline for some time, the beta returned with a solution for players who want to spend long sessions playing The Division 2.

The fix does come with a disclaimer though as Ubisoft said in the patch notes below that the game crashes have been replaced with sound issues that could possibly crop up should players engage in long play sessions. That issue isn’t guaranteed to happen, but it’ll require a restart if it does.

“Fixed an issue where players could experience performance degradations and crashes after prolonged play sessions,” Ubisoft said in its patch notes. “Note that following this fix some players might experience sound issues after prolonged play sessions and will need to restart the game to resolve them.”

The issue is one Ubisoft was aware of from the start of the beta and said the problem affected both the Xbox One and PC platforms more severely than the PlayStation 4. Ahead of the problem being fixed, Ubisoft said the solution was to simply restart the beta after two or three hours of gaming, so it would make sense that the same logic applies to the sound issues should players experience them.

“We are aware of issues causing players' game client crash on Xbox and PC after an extended gameplay session while PS4 players may experience a performance degradation after 3+ hours of uninterrupted gameplay,” Ubisoft said around the time the beta launched. To circumvent both issues, we recommend players to restart their game client every two to three hours.”


Another update released after the game-crashing fix resolved VOIP issues players experienced while in the Dark Zone.

The Division 2’s private beta is scheduled to be live until February 11th at 1 a.m. PST and the full game is scheduled to release on March 15th.